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emotive expressions

Painting is a process of my expression, a trip which involves the joy and anguish of creation. Each work ends at a canvas and continues in another almost endlessly.

About Kummaya

I am an  artist based out of Bengaluru, India.  Shifted to painting from twenty plus years of design  activities. I got my formal training from my Guru, Late Mr. Sadhu Aliyur who helped me hone my skills.

One of the main themes of my work is about the conflict of tradition and modernity.  In our sphere of life we do encounter this seemingly peaceful co-existence at the surface level. But more you explore, more you dig in, you will find the uneasiness of that conflict. Thought process like this often seeps into my work.

The works that are displayed here are a collection of many explorations which may not always fall into the theme mentioned .

Recent works