Detailed discussion with the client to get their perspective about product requirements.
Collating all the inputs and creating a statement of understanding. 
Get feedback on the understanding from the client.

Detailed study on the product, market, usage, etc.
Usually this involves observing the end user and getting deep insights on the product – user relationship.
Internet survey to get broader understanding of market dynamics.
Though Research is primarily done at the start of the the project, this is also an ongoing thing during the entire project. 
At every stage of concept, prototype  we will get back to the user to make sure we are in sync with the user needs.

Based on the understanding of the users and their needs, we start generating preliminary concept sketches.
These are then converted to rough surface models and rendered and presented to client for review. 
Ideas are discussed and usually there will be multiple iterations before we finalize a few for physical prototyping.

3D printing / machining /proto molding techniques are used to convert the concepts to physical entities to touch and feel and use.
This stage gives us lot more useful inputs about the finer aspects of the product and helps shaping the final solution.

The final version of the design is then modeled in 3D solid modeling software like SolidWorks.
At this stage the emphasis is on the ease of manufacture and production.
Every element of the design is detailed in the engineering CAD software and necessary engineering drawings are generated.
We involve Tooling vendors and manufacturing team at this stage to get a perfect solution.

We assist the production team to make sure the design intent is not lost in the process of manufacture.